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Journal TitleNTU Management Review
PublisherTaipei:College of Management,National Taiwan University
STATUSPublished in Apr, Aug and Dec.,Regular release. Founded in 1990.
Former Journal Title 
IntroductionNTU Management Review publishes scholarly, empirical, theoretical, and review articles dealing with management in Chinese and English which have never been published in other journals. NTU Management Review published its first issue in May, 1990. At the initial stage, the journal was released once annually. It was altered to twice annually in 1994. The journal is now published every June, September, and December annually in both hard copy and electronic form starting from 2015. Special issues are published without a fixed schedule. Even accepted yet not published papers can be viewed from our website. The manuscripts are collected in Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI) since 2006 and Scopus, the largest citation database in the world, since 2013. Manuscripts suitable for publication in NTU Management Review cover specific articles, books, or significant review of essays on academic fields. After the manuscript is published, the copyright belongs to NTU Management Review, but the author is still responsible for the article. In addition to the printed version, please notice that the manuscript will also be saved in National Taiwan University Journal Database established by National Taiwan University Press Center.