聯合百科 UDP
語言英語 (English)
刊名異動2018.12前:NTU Studies in Language and Literature (ISSN: 1018-3914)
期刊簡介THCI。半年刊,國立臺灣大學外國語文學系出版,刊物以歐美文學領域為主、採全英文寫作,主要刊載英美文學、歐美文化等學術文章。本刊於1985年創立,原名Studies In Language And Literature,為突破過往傳統的期刊形象,改名為ex-position。本刊望能提供台灣學者一個研究英語文學和比較文學的專業學術平台。本刊是台灣人文學術界少有的英文期刊,每期皆有專題文章,文章特色有二:一是文章議題講求效力和靈活性,主題不僅包括常見的研究議題,也包含各領域下的特別主題;二是文章探討能持續累積,本刊設立專題文章望能提升學術討論的風氣。
Journal TitleEx-position
PublisherTaipei:Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University
Language英語 (English)
STATUSPublished in Jun and Dec.,Regular release. Founded in 1985.
Former Journal Title2018.12前:NTU Studies in Language and Literature (ISSN: 1018-3914)
IntroductionTHCI. Semi-annual, founded by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature of National Taiwan University, mainly publishing English academic articles about English and American literature, European and American culture. Founded in 1985, the journal was titled Studies in Language and Literature, which was renamed ex-position to make our attempt to start anew while attending to long tradition of the journal, aiming to provide a forum that showcases research in the critical humanities revolving around literary studies by scholars based in or interested in areas outside of the Western European/American world. As the only English-language journal in Taiwan's humanities academia, each issue of this journal consist of at least one Feature Topic section, with two features: First, Feature Topics are effective and flexible, helping to draw attention to scholarship focused on the same theme, but works differently than a conventional special issue as a Feature Topic may be smaller in scale than a special issue; the second is that the feedback of articles can continue to accumulate, and every Feature Topic can enhance the academic discussion.