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Journal TitleLeisure & Society Research
PublisherKaohsiung:Leisure & Society Research Editorial Committee
STATUSPublished in Jun and Dec.,Regular release. Founded in 2010.
Former Journal Title 
IntroductionSemi-annual, founded by the Leisure & Society Research Press. It mainly publishes academic articles on leisure, entertainment, sports, health and social fields. Founded in 2010, this journal aims to provide leisure, entertainment, sports, health and social fields. “Leisure” is one of the important indicators of social living standards, and it is a specific life phenomenon that highlights the development of social civilization. The editorial members of this journal have invited experts and scholars from the leisure and social fields of various colleges and universities to work on improving the quality of articles and maintaining their standards. The feature of this journal is that the content is diverse and novel, including the general public, college students, senior citizens and other objects, and targeted behavior scales, sports events, leisure fields, spatial planning, community leisure and behavioral variables Waiting for a series of discussions. It hopes to increase the attention of the current society and academia on leisure and social fields, and to promote the quality of public life and the positive development of society.