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語言繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
期刊簡介TSSCI。半年刊,國立臺灣大學社會工作學系出版,1999年創刊,每年6、12月出刊。本刊是以社會工作專業論述為主,社會政策為輔的臺灣唯一社會工作期刊,有嚴謹客觀的審查制度,稿件來源、審稿過程和編委邀請皆國際化。主要刊載社會工作、社會福利、社會政策相關學門的學術論著,以及對近兩年內國內外出版之社會工作、社會福利、社會政策專著的書評。本刊近程目標為提供一個學術交流的園地,增進社工專業的發展;遠程目標為促進學術研究國際化,提升台灣社工研究的國際知名度。目前成果:1.自2010起連續多年進入國科會TSSCI收錄期刊名單;2.本刊impact factor依國科會期刊評比為社工與社福學門中名列第一;3.榮獲國家圖書館「知識影響力獎」;4.臺大社科院認可之教師升等或評估之一級學刊,多年來深獲學界之肯定。
Journal TitleNTU Social Work Review
PublisherTaipei:Department of Social Work, National Taiwan University
Language繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
STATUSPublished in Jun and Dec.,Regular release. Founded in 1999.
Former Journal Title 
IntroductionTSSCI. Semiannual. NTU Social Work Review published its first issue in May, 1999 to accomplish the following long- and short-term objectives : The short-term goals include the active promotion of the professional field of social work in Taiwan and the provision of a forum for academic exchange in addition to raising the professionalism of social work by stimulating discussions and publication of articles about social work and social welfare related issues by academic experts. In the long run, it aims to enhance the international exposure of local academic research to give international scholars and practitioners in related fields fast and convenient access to the research results in the field of social work in Taiwan. It also strive to promote international academic exchange and raise the international reputation of local research in the field of social work. Since 2010, it has been included in the list of academic journals of the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index. The journal is also the only one of its kind in Taiwan that primarily provides discussions of the professional field of social work and examines social policies.