聯合百科 UDP
語言英語 (English)
期刊簡介THCI Core。半年刊,國立臺灣師範大學英語系出版,1964年創刊,每年3、9月出刊。主要刊載文學與文化研究相關學術研究及專業論著。本刊前身曾名為Concentric,及Studies in English Literature and Linguistics,2001年起結合兩者,重新改版更名為 Concentric: Studies in English Literature and Linguistics,此後致力於提升本刊的學術品質與地位,期成為臺灣的指標性刊物。 2003 年 6 月起,由於希望進一步加強期刊的專業性並提升其國際能見度,臺師大英語系決定一分為二,獨立分出一個文學的,以及一個語言學的專業期刊,文學專業期刊決定以文學與文化研究兩個領域來突顯主題範圍與特色,同時也決定以學術半年刊的方式發行。

自 2003年8月起,本刊已收錄於Modern Language Association 著名之 MLA International Bibliography期刊索引;同年獲國科會評選為外文學門第一級期刊;2004 年 9 月大英圖書館(The British Library)主動來函要求將本刊納入館藏及索引,並自2008年 6月起開始訂閱;2008 年起本刊也被 PerioPath: An Index to Chinese Periodical Literature及Taiwan Humanities Citation Index(THCI Core)期刊名單所收錄;此外,本刊對外邀稿的窗口均為國內外重要學會、期刊及網站(如國內英美文學學會、比較文學學會、文化研究學會、匯文網等;國外 Modern Language Association, PMLA 期刊,Association for Cultural Studies,Association for Asian Studies,Association for Asian American Studies,Spoon Collective,Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center,American Comparative Literature Association 以及和 Mosaic 網站互掛連結等方式),也多能獲得來自歐、美、亞、澳以及臺灣本地學者的熱烈迴響,成刊百分之九十為海外來稿,本刊已為台灣的指標性刊物。而本刊成功的關鍵原因,可歸功於每期「專題」的精心規劃,優異客座編輯的邀請,英文專業文字編輯的努力,及專業設計的封面等。
Journal TitleConcentric: Literary and Cultural Studies
PublisherTaipei:Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University
Language英語 (English)
STATUSPublished in Mar and Sep.,Regular release. Founded in 1964.
Former Journal Title 
IntroductionTHCI Core. Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies is a peer-reviewed journal published two times per year by the Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan. Concentric is devoted to offering innovative perspectives on literary and cultural issues and advancing the transcultural exchange of ideas. While committed to bringing Asian-based scholarship to the world academic community, Concentric welcomes original contributions from diverse national and cultural backgrounds. Concentric engages in intellectual discussion by publishing groups of essays on special topics as well as papers on more general issues. The focus can be on any historical period and any region. Any critical method may be employed as long as the paper demonstrates a distinctive contribution to scholarship in the field. Concentric boasts a strong editorial and advisory team composed of respected scholars from across the world. The journal has also collaborated with several distinguished scholars as guest editors, such as Hanping Chiu, Wlad Godzich, María Herrera-Sobek, Serenella Iovino, Chaoyang Liao, Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Fang-mei Lin, Joyce C. H. Liu, Charles Shepherdson, Scott Slovic, Frank W. Stevenson, Ban Wang, and Shin Yamashiro. Past contributors include Ronald Lynn Bogue, Vilashini Cooppan, Terry Gifford, Sneja Gunew, Carl Gutiérrez-Jones, Haiyan Lee, Leo Lefebure, Deborah L. Madsen, Steven Shaviro, Hugh J. Silverman, Frank Webster, Rob Wilson, Gang Gary Xu, Yingjin Zhang, Andrea Bachner, Stella Oh, and Donna Haraway. Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies is currently abstracted/indexed in Arts and Humanities Citation Index (beginning with Volume 36, Number 1), EBSCOhost, the MLA International Bibliography, PerioPath: An Index to Chinese Periodical Literature, Scopus, and Taiwan Humanities Citation Index Core (THCI Core).