聯合百科 UDP
語言繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
主題區域研究(Regional Studies)_國際關係(International relations)
Journal TitleMainland China Studies
PublisherTaipei:Institute of International Relations ,National Chengchi University
Language繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
Discipline區域研究(Regional Studies)_國際關係(International relations)
STATUSPublished in Mar,Jun,Sep and Dec.,Regular release. Founded in 1956.
Former Journal Title1985.06前:匪情月報
IntroductionTSSCI. Quarterly. Mainland China Studies (MCS) is published quarterly by the Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University, Taipei. Having started as one of the few available sources of academic research on contemporary China in the 1960s, MCS is dedicated to publishing cutting-edge China studies on issues related to politics/security, society, economy, as well as other closely related topics. With China's steady rise in economic and political influence, China Studies has become one of the most productive fields in social science. Currently, the field is awash various information, data, and discussion. In response to this new trend, MCS now invites interested parties to submit English manuscripts, aiming to provide a platform on China Studies for international scholarship. Submitted papers can be written either in Chinese or English. As a scholarly journal, it has been well reputed in Chinese and global academic community and indexed in Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI). Also, MCS is awarded one of the most renowned journal in Political Science by National Central Library of Taiwan.