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類別名稱 Title經濟彙編戎政典 Military System Division
出版單位 Publisher中華書局
簡介 Introduction標點版古今圖書集成。全球第一個標點數位版,介面簡明,搜尋精準快速,檢索詞標示至段落,並有全文與原版對照,全文檔能複製引用,甚為便利,亦無繁冗功能減低搜尋正確度與效能,推出以來在國際漢學界頗受好評,已有百餘所知名漢學研究機構採購,是全球機構訂戶最多的版本。 Gujin Tushu Jicheng is the greatest encyclopedia in the world. And the database is the first digital version
(full text punctuated /full images), and the most popular one that owns maximum institution subscribers
globally. Its length is 4 times the size of The Great Britain Encyclopedia and unites Chinese cultural
heritage of 5,000 years. It gathers all the most important classics from ancient China to Ching Dynasty,
including, astronomy, geography, history, philosophy, literature, politics, economy, art, education,
agriculture, fishing, medicine and others. People admire it with the good name—Encyclopedia of the Great
Ching Dynasty. It is also the biggest and greatest classified books collection of China. UDP incorporated
40 Chinese scholars to digitize and punctuate all of its full text and reserved full images.
語言 Language中文 Chinese 中文 Chinese