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期刊名稱 Journal Title東華人文學報 Dong Hwa Journal of Humanities
ISSN ISSN1608-8344 1608-8344
出版單位 Publisher國立東華大學人文社會科學學院 The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Dong Hwa University
主題 Discipline文學(Literature) 文學(Literature)
出版週期 Frequency出刊月:1,7 Published in Jan and Jul.
出版現況 Status停刊 Stop issuing
出版年份 Founded In1999 1999
出版地 City花蓮縣 Hualien
刊名異動 Former Journal Title2003.7前英文刊名:Dong Hwa Journal of Humanistic Studies 2003.7前英文刊名:Dong Hwa Journal of Humanistic Studies
期刊簡介 Introduction半年刊,國立東華大學人文社會科學學院出版。主要刊載文學、史學、哲學等人文領域論文。本刊於1999年創立,是傳統學術期刊中的中流砥柱,稿源多為海內外的教授、學者等資深學術人士,文章紮實且豐富。本刊特色在於論文品質高且穩定,刊物大多為資深學者的文章,對人文研究頗具參考價值,列入許多大學的期刊介購名單以及通識學術指標。2000年收錄於國家科學委員會人文學研究中心的「臺灣人文學引文索引」(Taiwan Humanities CitationIndex, 簡稱THCI)。 Semi-annual, founded by the National Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of Donghua University, mainly published articles in the humanities field of literature, history, philosophy and so on. Founded in 1999, this journal is the mainstay of traditional academic journals, with highly-cited papers from academics and scholars all over the world. The feature of this journal is that the quality of the papers is high and stable, having a great reference value to humanities research. Recently, it is included in the list of journals and general academic indicators of many universities.
語言 Language繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)


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