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期刊名稱 Journal Title奇萊論衡:東華文哲研究集刊 Chilai lunheng
ISSN ISSN2415-4547 2415-4547
出版單位 Publisher國立東華大學中國語文學系 Department of Chinese Language and Literature, National Dong Hwa University
主題 Discipline文學(Literature)_哲學(Philosophy) 文學(Literature)_哲學(Philosophy)
出版週期 Frequency出刊月:3,9 Published in Mar and Sep.
出版現況 Status正常出刊 Regular release
出版年份 Founded In2016 2016
出版地 City花蓮縣 Hualien
刊名異動 Former Journal Title
期刊簡介 Introduction半年刊,國立東華大學中國語文學系出版。主要刊載文學與文化相關研究論文,與學術性書評、演講紀要、現代文藝創作等專欄文稿為主。本刊於2016年創刊,並自第四期始轉為獨立發行,宗旨為提升全國從事文學研究之學術研究水準與風氣,提供海內外學者與研究生論文發表園地,並通過嚴謹的審查制度,促進學術交流。本刊每期不設定專題,其立意在於希望得以看見更多的文學、文化研究的豐碩成果與多元面向。本刊的特色有二:一為內容多元具創新,論文主題以人文取向為主,不僅有現代文學研究,亦包含電影、音樂、戲劇等藝文研究,刊物領域更闊於傳統人文期刊;二為鼓勵年輕新秀大展長才,閱讀本刊可明顯的感受到青年研究者、青年學者在其研究領域的獨到心得,他們挖掘出台灣文學研究領域的多元性,更多以新媒體、具有嶄新觀點的精采論述,或盡可能地在傳統的材料中,找尋、探索新的詮釋徑路及可能。 Semi-annual, founded by the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, National Donghua University. It mainly publishes research papers related to literature and culture, and focuses on academic book reviews, speeches, and modern literary creations. The journal was launched in 2016 and has been transferred from the fourth period to an independent issue. It aims to enhance the academic research level and ethos of literature research, to provide scholars a space to issue new ideas, and to promote academic exchanges through strict system of review. Each issue of this journal is not in the same topic, aiming to see more creative literary and cultural studies. There are two features of this journal: one is that the content is multi-dimensional and innovative, and the theme of the thesis is mainly humanistic, including modern literature research, music, drama and other art studies; second, to encourage young talents to show their talents, this journal share some unique thoughts of young researchers in their research fields. Young researchers can explore the diversity of Taiwanese literature research with a brilliant exposition of ideas through a new media access and find out some new interpretations and possibilities of classic works.
語言 Language繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)


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