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期刊名稱 Journal Title東吳中文研究集刊 Soochow Journal of the Graduate School of Chinese
ISSN ISSN1561-3828 1561-3828
出版單位 Publisher東吳大學中國文學系 Department of Chinese Literature , Soochow University
主題 Discipline文學(Literature) 文學(Literature)
出版週期 Frequency年刊 Annual
出版現況 Status正常出刊 Regular release
出版年份 Founded In1994 1994
出版地 City臺北市 Taipei
刊名異動 Former Journal Title
期刊簡介 Introduction年刊,東吳大學中國文學系出版,主要刊載文學、哲學等人文領域論文。本刊於1994年創刊,稿源大多來自校內外的研究生,乃本刊為體現教育人才與學術交流兼具的宗旨,望能給予研究生更加寬廣的學術空間與視野,讓各地學子互相交流和發表各自論點,除了能增加學術寫作的經驗外,亦能提供學術圈新世代的聲音。本刊特色在於以各地研究生的文章為主,雖未有資深學者的大作分享,卻有著各方年輕學者的大膽嘗試和新發現。 Annual, founded by the Department of Chinese Literature of Soochow University in 1994, mainly publishing papers in the humanities field such as literature and philosophy. Its articles mostly come from graduate students both inside and outside the university, aiming to reflect the combination of educational talents and academic research. It hopes to give graduate students a broader academic space and vision, so that students from all over the world can communicate with different idea. In addition to increasing the experience of academic writing, this journal also provides a new generation of academic circles. This journal shows the bold attempts and new discoveries by young scholars to the humanities field.
語言 Language繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)


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