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台灣,擁有五千年中華文化潤澤的人文底蘊,又地處亞太平洋區塊的樞紐位置,早已是「國際漢學」「當代中國研究」社群中關鍵的一環;台灣多元社會、海納百川的學術氛圍,更為世界各國探究華人文化與中國社會不可或缺的通路。「台灣學術經典」期以台灣學人的觀點,整編華文區漢籍經典文獻,展現台灣優秀學術社群豐美成果,與全球漢學者共享。「經典」一詞最常用於「人文學」與「社會科學」的文獻中,故名為「經典」,即表明平台將聚焦於這兩大學科: 「人文學」向為台灣歷史最悠久、最優美動人的風景;「社會科學」則蘊含認識華人世界與當代中國最深入透闢、最開放多元的獨特視角。「小而美、小而力、質精且關鍵」是本平台的特色: 匯集全台由國科會評選最核心的學刊之外,亦收錄獨家史料、檔案,及具研究價值、可雅俗共賞的雜誌經典(如雄獅美術、傳記文學等),更挖掘默默耕耘、厚積有成的優質期刊,分別納於十二類學門中曖曖內含光,成為平台的獨門特色。


Go deep into Chinese Study via Taiwan

For the global sinology community, Taiwan has its irreplaceable position and research value for Chinese studies---not only for the Classical Chinese, but for the Modern China as well. Inheriting the rich Chinese culture of 5000 years and colonial influence, Taiwan is always multicultural and owns great tolerance for different opinions and inclusive academic atmosphere, not to mention its superior geographical location—in the heart of Asia-Pacific area, and its historical dilemma with China that always affects the international situation of politics and the global gaze.

Based on Taiwanese scholars’ viewpoints, Taiwan Academic Classics proudly offers classic works from China/Taiwan and contemporary scholarly thought from academic societies in Taiwan to sinologists around the World, uniting the classics from Earth's oldest continuous civilization and unfettered Chinese scholarly thought. Taiwan Academic Classics (TAC) focuses on Humanities and Social Sciences, the former is acclaimed as the most beautiful scenery of Taiwan, while the latter represents the broadest outlook worldwide to go deep into contemporary China and sinology. As a federated search platform, TAC incorporates full text searchable Web access to core journals from 1928 to the present with ancient compilations from China's earliest Dynasties. Half the core journals had been selected in the list of excellent journals, THCI (Taiwan Humanities Citation Index) and TSSCI (Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index) evaluated by Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology, the most creditable official institution on ranking superior journals in Taiwan, while the other half are exclusively authoritative archives, historical data, and distinguished magazines that can be enjoyed by scholars and lay-people alike (such as Zhuanji Wenxue Magazine, Modern China Magazine, Lionart Magazine, etc.).

Published by United Digital Publications Company Ltd., TAC helps scholars explore new issues and historical trends, especially on the plentiful, exclusive data and dissertations of the era of the Chinese Republic. Meanwhile, Scholars greatly appreciate the challenges of digitizing scholarly titles such as Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology from Academia Sinica. TAC integrates a total of 2 billion characters, 300 different journals, 6,630 ancient works and more than 100,000 dissertations, with contributions from 35,000 authors.